Public Image is Everything

Quality You Can Taste

Quality You Can Taste

  The first impression is always the hardest one to overcome, so it’s important to get it correct. I’ve seen this truck before and every time I see it I find myself mystified by the lack of awareness of the business owner.

Any business owner aspires to one thing if they wish to be successful: A public image of desirability. That’s it. As a business owner you want to be desired or wanted by the people who can pay for your services. To do this you must create a public image that enhances desirability. You want to show them that you are worth the money they are going to pay you for your service.

Yes, you can use humor, but humor is a dangerous thing in the world of public image. It can have people laughing with you, or laughing at you. A business owner never wants the public laughing at him or her.

I think I understand what this business owner was trying to do, but I can’t understand why they didn’t see the problem with the public image created by the slogan:

“We get down and dirty so you can go #2”

Sure plumbers get dirty and deal with the worst aspect of home maintenance, but is this the image you want to use? Is the image of filth what customers want when selecting someone to come into their home? What type of customer is likely to be attracted by this slogan? Affluent or people with little spendable income? Is plumbing only about sewer work?

Maybe the business owner believes that creating a disgusting image is the way to stand out among their competition, but if this enterprise fails it won’t be because of government regulation, or taxes, it will be because they shot themselves in the public image foot.


One comment on “Public Image is Everything

  1. WTF! I’m a plumbing contractor and I find that disgusting and very distasteful. You are right he will sit back a couple months not years from now and wonder what went wrong with his genius, marketing idea. Why is no one calling? Going up in Chicago I will be following your blog for future photos.

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