Holiday End Game

The long shadows of Winter on next Spring's mulch

The long shadows of Winter on next Spring’s mulch

45°  The holiday season does not begin or end on a single day. For us the end of the holidays involve several steps. The Christmas tree comes down, the holiday decorations are put away, the holiday dishes are stowed, the outdoor decorations are struck and packed, and the tree is taken to be recycled.

There is no set order in these activities, but usually the last two things accomplished are striking the outdoor decorations and recycling the Christmas tree. Today, both were done and now we can move out of holiday mode and into the long wait for Spring.

I know real Christmas trees are wasteful and incredibly dangerous when they become dry; however, I always regretted when my Mom decided to go with a fake tree. It seemed to make Christmas artificial. It was also about the time that some of the magic of Christmas was lost…only to return with greater power when my children became old enough to discover the excitement and anticipation of December 25th.

We can put this season to bed for another year while the Earth plots another visit to these constellations December next.


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