On Geese Ugly and Starkness of Winter

The John Boehner Bird

The John Boehner Bird

87°  Geese are protected migratory birds and I think that has gone to their heads. They seem act like they’re the guy in the company who knows he can’t be fired because his father is a special friend of the owner. You would expect a goose to bitch about how bad the government is as they enjoy the benefits of the protection of that same government.

Geese are one of the few animals that are known better for the crap they leave around than for anything else. They even fly in a formation that allows them to be lazier than the leaders ahead of them. They rarely live up to expectations. How many times have you watched geese fly in any other direction than South in the late Fall and early Winter? Quite frankly, geese are a pain in the ass.

If geese were human they would own guns and hoard ammunition. If they were human they would brag about how great they are and call other birds names and try to pass laws against them. I am not fond of geese. They’re a bird only John Boehner could love. 

The Ugly Beauty

The Ugly Beauty

23°  Winter is so ugly it has beauty. If we didn’t have cold weather we would have bugs the size of rats and poisonous spiders and venomous snakes in our houses at night. I have no great fondness of Winter, but despite its harshness, it is the Yang to the Ying of Spring and Summer.


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