Resistance Is NOT Futile

A moment of defiance defeats futility

A moment of defiance defeats futility

319°  Life happens while you wait for something better.

That is nearly the quote attributed to John Lennon (‘Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans”,) but I prefer my version. I have been through that part of life where I wished for something better. That hasn’t gone away. I always hope for life to take a dramatic turn for the positive (the perfect job, the unearned wealth, the sudden recognition of brilliance, etc.,) but I’m no longer concerned when or if that will ever happen. 

William Shakespeare is not known for one thing or one event in his life. William Shakespeare is known for what he did during a twenty year period (1592-1612.) He wrote over 36 plays in that time, plus the Sonnets. A person could pick one of his plays and declare it was his greatest work, but in reality actors and scholars will generally note that almost all of his plays have something interesting or significant in them. 

It defies all logic that anyone could produce so many original plays spanning the genres of comedies, tragedies, and histories, but Shakespeare was relentless in writing. For him, life was in writing the next play. I’m sure he had people who questioned his need for writing yet another play, especially his wife, Anne Hathaway, who he apparently left in Stratford-upon-Avon while he lived in London. Still, Shakespeare defied those who might have scowled on his choice and kept writing.

Life is small acts of defiance over long periods of time. It’s not pretty or glamorous, nor does it usually generate great wealth. Life is not futile if you resist the belief that it is about anyone’s idea of success or failure. Life is about standing in the garden and letting the weather do its worst.


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