Business’ Historic War on Decency and Children

Business doesn't care about the welfare of children or society in general. They care about making more money.

Business doesn’t care about the welfare of children or society in general. They care about making more money.

94°  Today my son asked me if children were slaves before ‘civilization.’ It was an innocent question, not initiated by me making him do something he didn’t want to do…at least this time.

I explained to him about child labor in the days before government established laws to protect children and how business, when left unchecked, will use children and others who are at a disadvantage to the rich and powerful, to lower their labor costs in pursuit of profit. He suggested that people who treat children this way should be subject to the Death Penalty. I’m not sure I disagree with him.

Paul Ryan says that we lost the War on Poverty. No doubt he feels that business should be allowed to return to an absolute profit motive where business can use children as slave workers. Business is often at war with decency. Business doesn’t care and that has been proven over and over and over again. Business does not operate by logic or intelligence because of greed.

Boeing recently strong-armed its employees into agreeing to a unfavorable contract under threat of losing their jobs. If business operated under a model of logic and/or intelligence the managers of Boeing would have never threatened their employees. Anyone who is not motivated by pure greed can see the outcome of this story.

As any bully would respond to fear in others, Boeing managers now feel more empowered to treat employees with disrespect. Boeing employees feel betrayed. Their great employees and the smart employees will look for alternative work options, and they will find them. The remainder of Boeing employees will have minimal loyalty to the company and their product will show it over the next ten years. Boeing’s lust for more money has created the cancer that will slowly kill the company.

Conservatives are worshipers of the business gods. These gods are the destroyers of decency. They would see us return to the labor practices of the 1800’s and make children work in factories. For investors it would be a win-win. Cheap labor and no tax revenues needed for public schools. The perfect business-solves-everything scenario.

We, the American people, are not going to let that happen. The choice is clear. Do you love profit and greed, or do you love decency and our children? There is no compromise between them. 


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