Life and Its Reception

My Homemade TV Antenna

My Homemade TV Antenna

101°  We’ve lived in the same house for over eighteen years, which is about the same amount of time we’ve been married. The house came with a standard television antenna that stood over our chimney in defiance of the wind, (why we’ve never had cable television is another story,) but after several years the wind finally won and I had to replace the old antenna.

For some reason I became interested in building an antenna from instructions I found on the Internet and it turned out to be better than our old one. The thing looks like it couldn’t possibly work and yet we pick up all the areas digital channels with no reception issues unless we have high winds.

For most people, cable or satellite TV is a necessity of life. There is also pleasure in not being a slave to every necessity. Our perception of life is often framed by what we think life must include, but sometimes we need to try life without certain ‘musts’ in order to discover what is important.


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