Divided Light and Our Perception of It

The Beauty of Light Divided

The Beauty of Light Divided

270°  This morning I noticed a light spectrum blotch on our walkway. It was the Sun shining through a plastic material that acted as a prism. The light blotch was on a part of the walkway that was still in shadow from the morning Sun.

Sunlight is pleasant, but we don’t really see light until it has been separated into its color bands, or wave lengths. A rainbow is considered magical, probably because we rarely see the true nature of the ‘white’ light that is anything but white.

What I find interesting is that the colors that reach our eye are actually reflected light wave lengths, and more significantly, it is the REJECTED light or wave lengths that reach our eye. A red apple has absorbed all the wave lengths but red, which is the color that is rejected by the skin of the apple. It is the rejected color that reaches our eye, therefore we ignore all the absorbed colors (photons, actually,) which become part of the object.

I suspect we judge people in the same way. If we judge color by that which is rejected, by what false standards do we judge other people?


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