Two Minutes at Sunset

Self portrait in shadow

Self portrait in shadow

There is a certain pressure in trying to take a picture everyday and publish it. I rarely have a plan for my subject matter in advance. Usually I just take my Nikon and go. Today I relied on the sunset. The light of the Sun when it’s low in the sky make everything look more interesting. Here are four subjects I found in about two minutes at sunset.

25°  Nothing magic here. A simple picture of my shadow in the last light of the day.

You wouldn't really make me move would you?

You wouldn’t really make me move would you?

121°  Jasmine has an on/off switch. Late in the day she is ready to sleep. She knows she’s not supposed to be on the couch….and she knows how to look pitiful.

Backyard Angel

Backyard Angel

226°  I put this decoration up on Christmas Eve on our back deck. I think I’ll take it down some day.

Winter without the cold

Winter without the cold

258°  An acoustic thermometer. No batteries. No power cord. It must be magic.


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