The Annual Family Calendar

The Kiser Family Calendar

The Kiser Family Calendar

200°  For the last several years I’ve created a calendar using my photos, family birthdays/anniversaries, average Reno temps, and sunrise/sunset data. I also add milestones and events for the year on the date they occur. For example, one hundred years ago (1914) World War I began, the Colorado National Guard attacked a tent city of striking miners and killed several people, including children, and the House voted against giving Women the right to vote. Fifty years ago (1964) civil rights and Vietnam War protests were beginning.

One interesting note, we will have two total lunar eclipses this year and two next year. That is unusual. The first lunar eclipse will occur on April 14th, and the next on the night of October 7 (the eclipse is actually on the morning of the 8th.) 

I finally finished the calendar yesterday, which is a great relief, and I was able to start it on February 1st, so it will only be about a week late when it is delivered. I have used Costco Photo Online for the last several years to build and print my family calendar. It costs about $10 per calendar and it can be delivered to any store in the US. 


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