Part Time Religion

The Cross on the Hill would seem to be a beacon for others, so what is the security fence representing?

The Cross on the hill would seem to be a beacon for others, so what is the security fence representing?

307°  I don’t believe in a God. I believe that if a human needs to do good in order to please his or her God, then they’re doing good for the wrong reason. Too many people of different religions like to ‘Duck Hunt’ God’s word and tell everyone that they should accept their special brand of cruelty as God’s plan. There is no difference between speaking on God’s behalf and claiming to be God.

However, I have no problem with anyone believing in a God providing they have no expectations of inflicting their belief on anyone else. Obviously, I have a problem with Evangelical Christians and others who believe they must convert the world to their brand of mythology.

I have read the Bible taking it three chapters or so at a time and comparing different versions. Christians are defined by the New Testament. I know many would say they are defined by the Old and New Testaments, but that is almost always said by someone who wants to beat people over the head with some passage in the Old Testament that has no support in the New Testament.

The letters of Paul, (no relation,) sometimes speak to a specific group of people and the letters say what that group probably needed to hear; however, Paul speaks to all Christians in Romans 14. It is said in other places, but Romans lays a clear message that no human has a right to judge another human.

Paul and Jesus lay out to Christians a way of life that doesn’t judge, honors humility and respect, and welcomes sinners and the holy as equals. If all Christians behaved in that manner, and more importantly, stood up to say that person ‘X’ doesn’t speak for Christians when they spew hate and judgment, then Christianity would win over many people. The problem is that the world is hearing from the people who like to shoot off their shotguns, which make others think that idiots represent Jesus.

If there is a God, you would think He would have better people representing him that loud mouth Conservatives.


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