The Rape of Patriotism

Displaying the flag is only patriotism if you love and respect your government and all its citizens

Displaying the flag is only patriotism if you love and respect your government and ALL its citizens

117°  Patriotism is pride of country. It reflects humility, respect, and is ALWAYS used to unite ALL citizens. It is should be a positive, non-threatening expression of appreciation for what one’s country has given to its citizens in the form of a stable and prosperous society.

Unfortunately, history is filled with examples of people stirring up hate and racism and labeling it patriotism. Nazi Germany coined the phrase, “Deutschland Uber Alles!” (Germany over all!) It was meant to promote and celebrate racism to justify killing innocent humans who also loved their country.

In the United States, patriotism has been hijacked by people who claim love of country, yet express hate for their government as if one is separate from the other. They express hatred for people of other color, race, belief, and/or languages, which is blatant racism, but these people call themselves patriots to disguise their perversion and rape of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and our flag. They want other citizens to believe that they are the only ‘real’ Americans and if you don’t believe in their cruel brand of treachery against our country, then you are not part of ‘their’ country.

Coca Cola aired an advertisement during the Super Bowl that reflected our country of many races, many beliefs, and many languages. It was a beautiful expression of America today. It brought the false ‘patriots’ out from under their rocks. They were outraged. Their reaction would have been funny if it weren’t so pathetic.

On the 10th Anniversary of Facebook we can celebrate one achievement. Social Media has allowed racists to expose themselves for who they really are:  sad, ignorant, unintelligent, egocentric, unchristian, nasty people who probably will never understand what respect, honor, and humility represent.


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