The Old Man

Tigger - the old man

Tigger – the old man

94°  About a year after we moved into our house we had our first stray cat, …one of many, show up at our door. We had seen him earlier in the summer as a kitten with a collar, but it was now Christmas break of 1996 at the University of Nevada and we think a college student must have abandoned him.

College students and pets don’t go well together. I think guys think girls like pets so they use them as bait. Most of the time we see pets, especially dogs, ignored by our college student neighbors.

On his 9th life

On his 9th life

But back to the cat. Tigger, as we would name him, came to us with a kinked tail, and a fear of almost everything. It didn’t help that I accidentally dropped my keys on him once as I was trying to open the door, but he lets Alexander cuddle him without complaint, so he’s come a long way since we first adopted him.

He is now 17-years-old. We expect his health to go downhill someday, but he is in surprisingly good shape for a cat that has lived beyond life expectancy. Mostly he sleeps, but he does seek out a lap or a chest to lay on depending on the time of day and the person available.

He is not a cat that we would have chosen, but he is family and you don’t get to choose your family.

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