Doglet and Her Crate

Jasmine is a crate lover

Jasmine is a crate lover

195°  I would have not considered crating a dog. I thought that it would be cruel. Then we rescued Jasmine.

We decided that we should have a crate in case she would tear up the house when not at home. As it turns out, she is a very calm dog when we are gone and a crate isn’t necessary to ‘control’ her.

What I didn’t expect was that Jasmine needs her crate. From the first night we had her, she knew the word ‘crate’ and what it meant. When we give her the go sign, she trots off to her crate and settles in. Whoever had her before must have crated her, but this is more than just training.

We also discovered that after Alexander goes to bed, she wants to go to bed also. The crate is her ‘off duty’ place and by 8:30 PM or so, she wants us to lock her in her crate. It is her security blanket and she prefers sleeping there than almost anywhere else.

Now I realize that dogs need their special place as much as humans do. 


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