Yes, But Is It Art?

It makes a statement, but what is it?

It makes a statement, but what is it?

169°  Yesterday morning I rode past this….let’s call it a modern sculpture. It was an old television turned upside down in a neighborhood park with something written on the screen. It invites speculation. Here are some of mine:

  • Someone is frustrated with the amount of commercials and the endless teasing of stories on NBC’s Olympic coverage.
  • Woman threw her loser husband and his television out as the TV is older than their relationship.
  • Botched robbery. Thief was laughed at when his friends saw his ‘take.’
  • New wildlife program to capture squirrels. They are caught while waiting for the picture tube to warm up.
  • End result of Russian 1988 space program to build a permanent colony in Earth orbit.
  • Viewer reaction to Jimmy Fallon Late Night debut.
  • Latest Grand Prize for MegaBucks win.
  • The television Chuck Norris threw when his show was cancelled in 2001.

OK, that’s enough for now.


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