Big Little Changes

New sheets and new duvet cover are a big step

New sheets and new duvet cover are a big step

188°  At some point around the half-century mark you notice when you’ve hung on to something too long. For several years I increasingly find myself disgusted at things that I have or use out of habit, rather than desire.

Bedding is one of those things that I haven’t given much thought to in my life. I often will wash the sheets and put them right back on, without considering that I have not purchased new sheets in years, possible a decade or more. Recently, the old sheets began to wear through and it became necessary to replace them.

At this point it is important that any male out there reading this, understand this disclaimer:

Be sure your roommate agreement allows you to pick out bed sheets.

My roommate agreement does not allow me to select and purchase bed sheets, but sometimes I do things that only merit a stern, disapproving look, rather than a “you-did-what?” look.

Back to the bedding issue. I happened to be at Costco and they had a good price on sheets and a duvet cover (Straight men under 25 may need to look that up.) After getting a “I’ll let you off with a warning this time…,” speech, I washed them and put them on the bed today. It’s interesting that this small change makes me feel like I just made a significant course adjustment in my life.

I’m so happy, I may just stay in bed tomorrow.

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