When Cars Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cars

I'm in control, so get government off my back!

I’m in control, so get government off my back!

13°  I bought this car. I OWN this car, so why should I have to take it in tomorrow for its 50,000 mile servicing? It will probably cost me $100 OF MY MONEY!

AND THEN I have to PAY for a Smog Check so I can PAY to have a little square sticker on my license plate that will have a ’15’ on it. I don’t even get a whole license plate! I say again, I OWN this car, so I have to pay someone for the privilege of driving it? Who cares if I’m polluting? If people want clean air they should go get a job and make some money so they can take a vacation where there is clean air!

But it doesn’t stop there. I have to PROVE I have insurance on the car to get that little sticker with the ’15’ on it. WHY? Why should I have to buy insurance? If I’m in an accident, it’s between me and the other guy, and if he wants money he can sue me…and good luck with that!

If we keep going this way, pretty soon NOBODY will be able to afford to buy cars and then see what happens. There will be fewer cars on the road, and people will have to take the bus, and then the illegal immigrants will want abortions, and then..then, the Apocalypse!

Well, I’m ready for it. I’ve got my gun and you don’t need any licenses, permits, or stickers for that. Just point and shoot. Point and shoot. Point and shoot….actually, you don’t even really need to point it. Just shoot!

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