Service Dog? Really?

A real Service Dog, or just a liar for an owner?

A real Service Dog, or just a liar for an owner?

112°  I know that dogs serve humans in many capacities, but a “Service Dog” has specific training to aid a human who has special needs. Slapping a “Service Dog” halter on a dog so you can take it into Starbucks is not the intent of the Service Dog concept. I believe that anyone who masquerades their pet around as a Service Dog is lying to the public and cannot be trusted. I also believe that anyone who would disgrace the title of Service Dog should not be allowed to have a pet.

I’m just saying.

2 comments on “Service Dog? Really?

  1. Gorgeous pictures:-) Totally agree with you. I am a dog trainer, and I’ve seen real service dogs in action and the amount of time, effort, money, patience, etc., that goes into training a dog is a lot, to put it mildly, therefore people “impersonating” a service dog with their dog is a big no no for a variety of reasons. The one that comes to mind first is the safety of people and other dogs when they are around this usurper.

  2. I see more abusive of this in Reno than anywhere else I’ve lived. People have their dogs in restaurants and grocery stores under the guise of “service dog.” I really don’t want to have to listen to a dog howling while I’m trying to enjoy my dinner, but the restaurant workers seem reluctant to say anything to the person, lest it be a real service dog. Real service dogs know how to behave.

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