When Cars Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Cars

I'm in control, so get government off my back!

I’m in control, so get government off my back!

13°  I bought this car. I OWN this car, so why should I have to take it in tomorrow for its 50,000 mile servicing? It will probably cost me $100 OF MY MONEY!

AND THEN I have to PAY for a Smog Check so I can PAY to have a little square sticker on my license plate that will have a ’15’ on it. I don’t even get a whole license plate! I say again, I OWN this car, so I have to pay someone for the privilege of driving it? Who cares if I’m polluting? If people want clean air they should go get a job and make some money so they can take a vacation where there is clean air!

But it doesn’t stop there. I have to PROVE I have insurance on the car to get that little sticker with the ’15’ on it. WHY? Why should I have to buy insurance? If I’m in an accident, it’s between me and the other guy, and if he wants money he can sue me…and good luck with that!

If we keep going this way, pretty soon NOBODY will be able to afford to buy cars and then see what happens. There will be fewer cars on the road, and people will have to take the bus, and then the illegal immigrants will want abortions, and then..then, the Apocalypse!

Well, I’m ready for it. I’ve got my gun and you don’t need any licenses, permits, or stickers for that. Just point and shoot. Point and shoot. Point and shoot….actually, you don’t even really need to point it. Just shoot!

The Sympathy Strategy

Pit-y, pit-ee: See dog in back of pickup

Pit-y, pit-ee: See dog in back of pickup

175°  Today I saw a dog on a short leash in the back of a pickup. The dog was resting his(?) head on the side of the pickup bed and he looked pitiful. Everything about this dog said, “My master has abandoned me here, I’m sad, do you have any treats?”

Humans, most humans, have a great capacity to respond to perceived unfairness. It is a useful tool for those who seek to manipulate other people. People who create problems have learned that if they disguise the problem that they have created as a response to an injustice, then they can gain the sympathy of others.

This week in Colorado, a conservative candidate for Governor said that State funds were being used for abortions. Of course, if you can suggest that a child is the victim, you get extra sympathy points. As it turns out, his statement was a lie and he had no proof to offer. He was just using the sympathy strategy to gain support.

Of course, I question the statement in the first place. So what if State funds are used for abortions. Doctors perform abortions and they are more qualified to make medical decisions. The last I checked this was not the Catholic United States of America, so a religious opinion does not qualify as a limitation of people who don’t believe in that opinion.

Part Time Religion

The Cross on the Hill would seem to be a beacon for others, so what is the security fence representing?

The Cross on the hill would seem to be a beacon for others, so what is the security fence representing?

307°  I don’t believe in a God. I believe that if a human needs to do good in order to please his or her God, then they’re doing good for the wrong reason. Too many people of different religions like to ‘Duck Hunt’ God’s word and tell everyone that they should accept their special brand of cruelty as God’s plan. There is no difference between speaking on God’s behalf and claiming to be God.

However, I have no problem with anyone believing in a God providing they have no expectations of inflicting their belief on anyone else. Obviously, I have a problem with Evangelical Christians and others who believe they must convert the world to their brand of mythology.

I have read the Bible taking it three chapters or so at a time and comparing different versions. Christians are defined by the New Testament. I know many would say they are defined by the Old and New Testaments, but that is almost always said by someone who wants to beat people over the head with some passage in the Old Testament that has no support in the New Testament.

The letters of Paul, (no relation,) sometimes speak to a specific group of people and the letters say what that group probably needed to hear; however, Paul speaks to all Christians in Romans 14. It is said in other places, but Romans lays a clear message that no human has a right to judge another human.

Paul and Jesus lay out to Christians a way of life that doesn’t judge, honors humility and respect, and welcomes sinners and the holy as equals. If all Christians behaved in that manner, and more importantly, stood up to say that person ‘X’ doesn’t speak for Christians when they spew hate and judgment, then Christianity would win over many people. The problem is that the world is hearing from the people who like to shoot off their shotguns, which make others think that idiots represent Jesus.

If there is a God, you would think He would have better people representing him that loud mouth Conservatives.

Business’ Historic War on Decency and Children

Business doesn't care about the welfare of children or society in general. They care about making more money.

Business doesn’t care about the welfare of children or society in general. They care about making more money.

94°  Today my son asked me if children were slaves before ‘civilization.’ It was an innocent question, not initiated by me making him do something he didn’t want to do…at least this time.

I explained to him about child labor in the days before government established laws to protect children and how business, when left unchecked, will use children and others who are at a disadvantage to the rich and powerful, to lower their labor costs in pursuit of profit. He suggested that people who treat children this way should be subject to the Death Penalty. I’m not sure I disagree with him.

Paul Ryan says that we lost the War on Poverty. No doubt he feels that business should be allowed to return to an absolute profit motive where business can use children as slave workers. Business is often at war with decency. Business doesn’t care and that has been proven over and over and over again. Business does not operate by logic or intelligence because of greed.

Boeing recently strong-armed its employees into agreeing to a unfavorable contract under threat of losing their jobs. If business operated under a model of logic and/or intelligence the managers of Boeing would have never threatened their employees. Anyone who is not motivated by pure greed can see the outcome of this story.

As any bully would respond to fear in others, Boeing managers now feel more empowered to treat employees with disrespect. Boeing employees feel betrayed. Their great employees and the smart employees will look for alternative work options, and they will find them. The remainder of Boeing employees will have minimal loyalty to the company and their product will show it over the next ten years. Boeing’s lust for more money has created the cancer that will slowly kill the company.

Conservatives are worshipers of the business gods. These gods are the destroyers of decency. They would see us return to the labor practices of the 1800’s and make children work in factories. For investors it would be a win-win. Cheap labor and no tax revenues needed for public schools. The perfect business-solves-everything scenario.

We, the American people, are not going to let that happen. The choice is clear. Do you love profit and greed, or do you love decency and our children? There is no compromise between them.