Dogs and Emotions

Ozzie is only half listening

Ozzie is only half listening

364°  Some researchers claim that dogs do not feel shame, but are responding to our vocal cues and body language when they have done something wrong.

Sure…and I never notice a woman in a mini-skirt.

I have the highest respect for the scientific process, but I also know that the reaction of eleven dogs in a study is not going to overturn millions of actual dog owner experiences. Our dog, Jasmine, reacts to my vocal quality and body language, but she also reacts to her own actions. She may not know that she has done something wrong every time, but I’ve seen her look guilty before I knew what she did.

A dog raised in an active and loving environment knows what is happening around them regardless of the research. Try and grab a leash in a house with a dog and see if the dog reacts.