View of the Gods

Downtown Denver, from the cloud's perspective

Downtown Denver, Colorado, from the cloud’s perspective

265°  Yesterday, I was given the privilege of seeing what clouds see everyday. Flying is an honor that we tend to forget after the humiliation and expense we go through to board a plane.

I arrived in Denver, Colorado as the Sun was breaking through some clouds. Have spent almost one-third of my life in Denver, and almost two-thirds in Colorado.I always enjoy seeing it from the air.

New York City from above Newark, New Jersey

New York City from above Newark, New Jersey

97°  I have flown into Newark, New Jersey once before, but somehow I missed seeing New York City as we landed. Yesterday, I had a ringside seat. Of course, my business took me to the West, but at least I got to see the Big Apple.

Big cities are congested, rampant with crime, and expensive…little cities are blissfully ignorant, boring, and people mock surprise when the neighbor shoots his wife. In a little town, change occurs slowly and long after it should, In a big city things are constantly changing. I’ve seen towns big and small and I think the bigger they are, the harder you fall.