School Project Help

Homework dilemma:  How much help should parents offer?

Homework dilemma: How much help should parents offer?

10°  Alexander has a major school project due. He is compiling a biography of a Albert Einstein. He has chosen to create a short video as part of the project. He has never edited a video, but he has done several ‘selfie’ videos with the desire to make an edited piece like his Uncle does of the annual family vacation. 

The challenge for us is how much to help. Creating something you’ve never done before is almost an impossible task. The try and fail system is a valuable tool in learning, but it also can be frustrating to the point of surrender. A mentor system of learning is a proven method for building future success, but there is a fine line between assisting and doing.

Alexander’s Mom showed him how to use the editing program, and suggested elements he could add to the video, but we both left it up to him to design the product. He also wrote the script, and he set up and recorded his narration. It is a great effort for a second grader, but it won’t be up for a short documentary nomination at the Academy Awards; however, based upon his past interest to create an edited video, I suspect this is the beginning of many new projects. We might regret not doing it for him.