Business Should Always Come Later

Flower now, the leaves can come later

Flower now, the leaves can come later

83°  The trees in Reno have decided it’s Spring. Some are showing a green tint as new leaves are just breaking out of their buds. Leaves are nice and they perform a vital function in processing carbon dioxide into oxygen.

However, other trees have a different approach to Spring. They don’t bother with leaves until after they put on a show. The flowering trees are bursting out, saying, “Spring is here! We made it!”

Flowering trees need the function of the leaves on their branches just as much as any other tree, but flowering trees know that business can come later, today, we PARTY!

A Perfect Spring Day

Everything about today felt like Spring

Everything about today felt like Spring

207°  Often the first day of Spring is having a Winter tantrum. That didn’t happen this year on the West Coast. Temperatures ranged from 15° C (approximately 60° F) up to 21°C (approximately 70°F.) The air was mostly calm and warm. 

It’s almost enough to make you want to plant your garden….or not.

It’s Not Time!

No! Snow is coming. Don't leaf out yet!

No! Snow is coming. Don’t leaf out yet!

180°  I want Spring to arrive as much or more than most, but February is the wrong month for our trees to decide it’s Spring. Within a few days our plum tree will be leafing out and Global Warming or not, we will have another major snow storm before June.

We have had several days of 60°F plus and the trees don’t know that this is all an evil trick. Trees will leaf out, it will snow, branches will break, ….it’s all happened before. To bad trees can’t be reasoned with, forewarned about what will happen based on our past experience. People, you can warn….but they don’t listen, and they become just like trees.